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Top Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

The kitchen isn’t only a place to cook or store food, but also a valuable part of your home where you can socialize and even relax. A well-furnished kitchen adds more than 5% to the total value of your property. Kitchen renovation is the best way to transform your kitchen into a place where you can carry on all your culinary adventures.

It’s an exciting task but with various challenges. From budget blowouts to design disasters, you can make multiple mistakes when renovating your kitchen. In this post, we will tell you some top errors you must avoid during kitchen renovation.

Top 12 Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Kitchen

1. No Financial Preparations

Starting renovation without financial preparations is one of the biggest mistakes you must avoid. Only setting a budget isn’t enough for this preparation. The main thing is you should avoid underestimating it and put a realistic budget according to your project.

From material to labor costs, make sure to consider all expenses to plan a detailed budget. Apart from that, you should never ignore the side expenses and keep some room for them as well.

2. Don’t Pay Heed to Functionality

It’s a common misconception that renovation is all about decorating a place. If you too think so, then you are making a big mistake. You should pay full attention to the functionality when renovating your kitchen. Your aim should always be to transform your kitchen into a more functional and visually appealing space.

3. Ignoring Lighting

Lights are among the most crucial parts of your kitchen as they don’t only enhance its beauty but functionality as well. Regular LED lights are most commonly used in kitchens. However, you can opt for some innovative options as well such as strip lights.

4. Skipping Ventilation

In the kitchen, various fumes are produced when you cook the food. The must be released and fresh air must enter the kitchen. Therefore, you should avoid skipping ventilation throughout the kitchen renovation

5. Preferring Trends Over Timeless Options

Going with trends is a good option when renovating your kitchen as it makes your whole property look more stylish. However, preferring trends over timeless options is never a good choice. Trends come and go after a while and you have to make major changes again to keep your kitchen stylish. On the other hand, opting for timeless options such as a vintage layout will prove a worthwhile investment, especially in the long run.

6. Neglecting Quality Appliances

Saving money on appliances is a good move but not when you do so by compromising on the quality. So, avoid saving some bucks by neglecting the quality of appliances. Try to get premium quality products for your kitchen as they will serve for a long time, proving them as a worthwhile investment.

7. Lack of Storage Space

In the kitchen, you have to store various things, including food products, kitchen appliances, utensils, etc. You must have enough storage room in your kitchen for all these goods. So, you must not ignore the space when renovating your kitchen. Try to use vertical space and buy multipurpose furniture for your kitchen to extend storage space. Apart from that, consider using the corner space appropriately.

8. Mismatched Style and Colors

During renovation, you have to restyle it and paint the walls. You are free to make your own choices when doing these two things. However, opting for color schemes and styles that don’t match with each other will never be a good call. Similarly, you must avoid paint and style that doesn’t match the rest of your property.

9. Skipping Getting Permits

Though kitchen renovation doesn’t require permits there are some exceptions. You may need permits when making some major changes to your property during kitchen renovation. Skipping them will lead to legal actions against you and hefty fines.

10. Rushing the Process

Kitchen renovation isn’t a small project as it can be even more than a month. Rushing the process will not speed up the project and result in unsatisfactory results. So, you should avoid this and consider a realistic timeline for the whole process.

11. DIY Approach

The DIY approach is considered one of the most effective ways to save some money when renovating your kitchen. However, it may not give you the desired outcomes and you may mess up everything. Most of the aforementioned mistakes are also associated with a DIY approach.

Hiring professionals is the best option for renovating your kitchen as they will pay attention to every detail to give a personalized touch to your place. Call Lux Renov8 for kitchen renovation. With over ten 10 years of experience and completion of countless projects, it’s your go-to option for kitchen renovation.

Final Words

Avoiding these mistakes when renovating your kitchen is mandatory to transform it into a functional and luxurious space. Consider hiring experts, to avoid these errors and get prompt and desired outcomes.

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