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Luxury Features to Consider for Your Bathroom

Whether you are creating a new bathroom from scratch or going for an existing bathroom renovation to upgrade its aesthetics and functionality, introducing luxury features can help you achieve your dream. Luxury means not having premier bathtubs or fancy spa equipment but it’s all about incorporating state-of-the-art tools and appliances that can enhance your lifestyle.

When it comes to luxury bathroom features you can find a plethora of choices available. However, thorough navigation of every aspect and choosing the right features catered to your bathroom space, style, and specific requirements is crucial to avoid money wastage on unnecessary equipment or tools and other risk factors. 

Here are some most popular and highly recommended luxury features that you can consider bringing to your bathroom and giving it a royal touch.

Double Shower

The most common and must-have feature of a luxury bathroom is the double shower. It has adjustable heads that allow you to either create two distinct shower zones or a single immersive experience, spraying water from all angles. 

It provides an enhanced shower space for both solo and couple showers which results in enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom. 

They exhibit an endless range of styles, colors, and designs catered to the specific needs or requirements of various bathrooms. Therefore, you can choose anyone that can perfectly complement your preferences and budget constraints.

Heating Floor

The second most appealing luxury feature that you must consider to bring a modern touch to your bathrooms is heating floors. As indicated by the name  they offer a comfortable warmth underfoot and a peaceful ambiance even during extremely cold weather also enjoyed all around the year  

From electric mats to hydronic systems that use hot water, they come in various forms and can evenly spread heat all across the room. This feature makes them an ideal pick for places where hair and skin care are prioritized  

The most amazing aspect of heating floors is that their temperature can be controlled by a thermostat which makes them a convenient and energy efficient approach to transform your casual bathroom into a luxurious one.

Standing Bath Tub 

Freestanding shower tubs can also be a luxurious addition to your bathrooms that can enhance both the space and functionality. You can place it near a window or under a chandelier to bring a sophisticated and elegant touch to your bathroom. 

Just like other bathroom fixtures and appliances it is also available in an unlimited range of colors and designs. You can choose any of them that can perfectly complement your bathroom layout and overall design.

Towel Warmers 

Do you want to experience the coziness and comfort of warm towels right after stepping out of the shower tub? Installing towel warmers into your bathroom can fulfill this desire and also elevate your lifestyle. 

They come with temperature regulation and timer features to ensure maximum convenience. Therefore, you don’t need to turn on or off every time you want to use warm towels. 

They are of different sizes and come with different numbers of bars allowing you to choose your finish and bars catered to the specific design of your bathroom and other fixtures. 

Stylish and Modern Mirrors

Luxurious features do not always mean expensive equipment, sometimes picking some simple but aesthetic pieces such as stylish mirrors can also bring a luxurious touch to your bathroom. 

Various types of stylish and unique mirrors with light detectors and touch sensors are available in the market. From different light patterns to styles and textures, they are available in various types. You can choose and install any type of such mirrors and enhance both the functionality and value of your bathroom at a fraction of the cost.

Modern Toilet 

Introducing modern toilets equipped with advanced features is also a revolutionary way to bring luxurious appeal to your bathroom. 

Instead of boring traditional toilets, you can opt for the one that has a unique, comfortable design and advanced features including an air dryer, lights, heated seat, touchless flushing, automatic deodorizing, and motion-activated lid and seat to elevate the functionality and ambiance of your bathrooms. 

Effective Lighting 

The selection of an effective, modern, and a bit fancy lighting system can also enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom significantly. You can use advanced dimmable lights technology to ensure customized lighting levels that are crucial to creating a spa-like ambiance where you can rest and soak in hot waters peacefully. 

From indirect lighting systems to pendant lights and under cabinet lights to a chandelier, you can choose any type and style of lights to bring a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

A Final Word 

We hope that, after going through this comprehensive guideline you will have comprehensive knowledge about various types of luxury features that can elevate your bathroom functionality and aesthetics without spending a bank of money. 

Hiring professional renovation services like Lux Renov8 and taking expert guidance can help you further streamline this process and ensure a seamless transition of your bathroom.

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