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Design Related Questions

1. What materials should I consider for my kitchen renovation in Dubai?

Consider high-quality materials like marble and granite for a stylish and durable kitchen renovation in Dubai. They are perfect for countertops, flooring, and backsplash applications.

2. What are the most popular kitchen design trends in Dubai?

Popular kitchen design trends in Dubai feature open concept layouts with islands, farmhouse sinks, stainless steel finishes, and angular features for a sleek, modern look.

3. What kind of materials are used for bathroom renovations in Dubai?

Common materials used for bathroom renovations in Dubai include marble, copper, bronze, quartz, sheet vinyl for wraps, porcelain and ceramic for tiles. These materials are durable and stylish to suit your desired modern look.

Technical Questions​

4. Are there any special regulations that I should be aware of when renovating a kitchen in Dubai?

You may need to obtain a permit from the Dubai Municipality for large changes such as reconfiguring the kitchen’s layout or relocating plumbing. For smaller projects, like replacing fixtures and changing the backsplash, permits are usually not required. Make sure to follow all local regulations when renovating your kitchen in Dubai.

5. Are there any special considerations that need to be taken into account when renovating a bathroom in Dubai?

In the UAE, bathroom renovation must adhere to certain standards and regulations. It’s important to consider how local building codes and environmental regulations could affect the project. Additionally, reliable professional design & installation experts must be found in order to ensure successful completion of the renovation.

6. How long does a typical kitchen renovation in Dubai take?

With careful planning, a typical kitchen renovation in Dubai can take three to four months. Quality craftsmanship is essential for successful projects and our experienced team of professionals will be able to provide a timeline that meets your needs.

7. How long will it take to complete bathroom renovation?

A bathroom renovation project typically takes around 2-4 weeks to complete. Depending on the extent of the remodel, it may take anywhere from a few days to a month or more.

Cost Related Questions

8. What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Dubai?

Kitchen renovations in Dubai typically cost between 250 to 500 AED per square foot. The overall cost depends on the size and scope of your project.

9. What is the average cost to update a bathroom?

The average cost to update a bathroom in Dubai is between 8,000 – 10,000 AED. Like kitchen renovations, the cost can vary depending on the size and scope of your project. Lux Renov8 Bathroom & Kitchen can help you customize a bathroom remodel that meets your needs and budget.

10. What is the cheapest way to renovate a bathroom?​

The cheapest way to renovate a bathroom is to retain and refurbish as much of the existing materials as possible, while making cost-effective changes with new materials like vinyl wrapping. This will help you save money on your renovation project while still achieving a fresh, modern look.