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Renovation Companies in Dubai: Tips, Contractors & More

Dubai’s rapid economic growth and residents’ desire for modern & luxurious homes have evolved the city’s renovation industry. When planning to upgrade your living space in Dubai, you need to hire professionals to carry out this job. They will pay attention to all your details and uplift your home’s aesthetics according to the city’s trends and standards.

The availability of multiple options has made it hard for anyone to pick the right one. Don’t worry! We are to assist you. In this post, we will tell you about some top-rated renovation companies in Dubai, followed by effective tips on how to make the right choice. Let’s move forward without further ado.

Top 04 Renovation Companies in Dubai

The following are the top 5 renovation companies in Dubai, offering premium services to accommodate your special requirements.

Lux Renov8

It’s one of Dubai’s highly-rated renovation companies, and it has skilled and trained professionals. With over 10 years of experience, Lux Renov8 is your go-to option for renovating your home. It specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovation. The following are the main things that make it stand out from other renovation companies.

  • It has over ten years of experience and has had the glory of satisfied customers throughout this period.
  • This company offers consultation followed by a quote, ensuring you know the prices upfront.
  • All renovation services are offered at market-competitive rates without any additional charges.
  • Lux Renov8 offers customized solutions, giving a personalized touch to your space.
  • It has an extensive set-up to offer services to everyone, including homeowners, rental companies, etc.
  • All the staff is qualified, skilled, highly trained, and tested to the highest standard to provide you with the best services.
  • All workers have access to state-of-the-art tools to provide services tailored to your requirements.

RBIC Group

This company aims to provide lifetime solutions with its comprehensive renovation services. You can rely on it for all types of remodel services. It has skilled staff to provide home renovation, construction, repair, etc. RBIC Group has different companies that provide different services. For instance, RBIC Home is one of the companies that offer complete home renovation services.

Similarly, it has separate companies for bathroom and kitchen refurbishment. You can contact the relevant company to get the desired services. However, it can be inconvenient for you to contact two companies of the same group for bathroom and kitchen renovation.

Smart Renovation

It’s a popular Dubai-based company offering large-scale renovation services in this emirate. Currently, it only offers villa renovation services and specializes in them. However, it is also planning to expand its services to apartments and small home renovation.

Smart Renovation has a skilled and highly trained design team that discusses everything with the owners before starting the project. Based on this discussion, it then starts renovating the villa. The major drawback of this company is that it offers services for villas and luxury homes only. You may not be able to avail of their services for small-scale renovation projects.

Yalla Renovation

It’s among Dubai’s leading renovation companies mainly because of its range of services. It claims to provide the most comprehensive renovation services for all types of Dubai villas, homes, and apartments. The best thing about this company is that it offers free basic design services to its customers.

You can contact them to get basic design ideas and estimate how your home will look after renovation. The company has skilled professionals for the renovation and installation of different appliances in their homes. The major drawback of this company is its high rates.

Effective Tips to Choose the Best Renovation Company in Dubai

The following are some highly effective tips for finding the best renovation company in Dubai.

Explore Multiple Options

The first thing you can try is to explore multiple options. Never opt for the first company you contact. Reach out to different companies and explore their services. Make sure you briefly discuss your requirements with them and request a quote. After that, you have to compare their services. By doing so, you can pick the right one that fits your budget.

Get Recommendations

You are not the first one who is looking for a renovation company in Dubai. Many of your colleagues, relatives, or friends must have hired different renovation companies at some point. You can get recommendations from them to find a reputable company that can fulfill all your needs.

Check Reviews

Hearing what previous customers say about a renovation company will help a lot in making the right choice. So, the next thing you need to do is to review or review testimonials of some top renovation companies.

Bottom Line

You can try these tips to find a reliable renovation company in Dubai or choose from the ones above. The simplest thing you can try is to contact Lux Renov8 as it’s a reliable company and offers services at pretty affordable rates.

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