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A Complete Guide to Renovating Your New Home in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places in the world to live. Buying a home there will be a great achievement and satisfying experience. However, buying a new home isn’t all you need to live there. You need to transform it according to your taste.

However, home or villa renovation in Dubai can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have specific guidelines. Don’t worry! We are here to help you in this regard. Today, we will explore a detailed guide on how to renovate your new home in Dubai. Let’s start exploring this guide without further ado.

A Stepwise Guide to Renovating Your New Dubai House

Step 01: Inspect the Place

Before you plan a home renovation in Dubai, you need to inspect your place. During inspection, you need to pay attention to even minor details, as they will be the basis of your renovation plan. Check how many rooms there are and decide how you will use them. Moreover, you have to check the available space and decide whether to extend it.  

Step 02: Check for Repairs

When you buy a new home in Dubai, there is a chance that it may need some repairs. Therefore, during the inspection, you should also focus on checking for repairs. Pay special attention to plumbing and electric wiring to check whether it needs repair. Above all, you must check and repair structural damages before starting the renovation.

Step 03: Understand Renovation Trends

When renovating your home in Dubai, make sure it matches the elegance and luxury of this stunning emirate. Therefore, you should understand the latest home renovation trends. The following are current home renovation trends in Dubai.

  • Minimalist approaches include neutral colors, clean surfaces, etc.
  • Arabian influence, such as luxurious curtains and intricate patterns.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient home renovation.
  • Integration of smart technology such as automatic doors and windows, smart LED lights, etc.
  • Transforming outdoor space into the living area by adding lights and seating.
  • Incorporating luxurious items mainly inspired by luxury hotels and resorts.

Step 04: Plan the Project

Once you understand the current trends in Dubai, you are all set to plan the renovation project. Start it by understanding your requirements. Pay special attention to how you want your new home to appear. Getting inspiration and recommendations from the internet or the people you know can help a lot in planning the project. When doing so, focus on the timeline of the project as well.

Step 05: Set Budget

Budget can be a major concern during home renovation in Dubai. Therefore, you should set a budget and stick to it before starting the renovation. Make sure you set a realistic budget. Understanding your requirements, market trends, labor costs, and the price of different materials and appliances can help you set a reasonable budget.

Step 06: Design Concept

When you think of renovating a home, you must have some specific concepts or ideas. After transforming the concepts into reality, you need to design them to check how your home will appear. You can get help from professionals to design concepts. If a specific property has inspired you, you don’t have to do so, as you already know how your home will look after renovation.

Step 07: Obtain Required Permits

Minor renovation tasks don’t need any permits. However, you must obtain different permits to complete a villa renovation in Dubai, especially when major structural changes are involved. Getting these permits is mandatory to avoid any legal action against you.

Step 08: Choose Quality Materials

Once you get the permits, you are all set to transform your new property into your dream house. To achieve the desired outcome, you have to select high-quality materials for your home. Buying premium-quality products can be expensive, but you will reap the long-term benefits. So, never compromise on the quality of the materials.

Step 09: Hire Reliable Professionals

To renovate a new home in Dubai, you need help from skilled professionals. The next step is to find them. Getting recommendations, checking reviews, and exploring previous work by contractors can help you find reliable professionals.

However, the whole process can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, contact Lux Renov8 for home renovation in Dubai. With over ten years of experience and the glory of satisfied customers, it’s your go-to choice for all renovation projects.

Step 10: Final Inspection

After hiring the professionals, your job is almost done. They will complete the project while paying attention to all your requirements. After the project is completed, you have to inspect your home. Check if everything is done according to your requirements and ask for any changes you want.

New home renovation in Dubai can be daunting, but not when you know what to do. Follow the aforementioned steps and contact Lux Renov8 for a hassle-free home renovation.

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