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How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a Bathroom in Dubai?

What is the bathroom remodeling cost or how much budget do we need to upgrade a bathroom style and looks? These are the most buzzing questions nowadays because of the increasingly growing bathroom renovation trend all around Dubai to enhance the space, functionality, and overall aesthetics of this important part of homes and offices.  

Accurate estimation of bathroom renovation costs is a bit challenging because it is influenced by various factors. However, careful consideration of all expenses involved in the remodeling project can help you to finalize a budget and turn your dream of a modern bathroom into reality without experiencing budget shortage issues during the renovation process. 

Here are the key considerations that can help you estimate the total cost of bathroom renovation in Dubai. 

Your Needs and Requirements

The main factors that can influence the bathroom renovation cost are your needs or requirements and personal preferences. Therefore, make sure to clarify why you want to remodel your bathroom. Do you want to enhance its space or functionality or desire to transform it into a stylish relaxing place equipped with advanced features? 

Answering these questions will not only enable you to accurately estimate the total cost but also help in choosing the right type of renovation services. 

Bathroom Size and Layout

Another major factor that you must consider when estimating the bathroom remodeling cost is the size and layout of your bathroom. To renovate a large size bathroom you often need to hire professionals and require more materials, resulting in higher renovation costs.  While a small size bathroom can be renovated manually and by using only a few simple materials.  

Similarly, a bathroom with a complex layout is difficult to renovate and also involves architectural changes which results in heavy costs than making changes to a small and simple bathroom. 

Extent of Renovation

Bathroom remodeling cost is also influenced by the extent of renovation. Usually cosmetic renovation (involving surface changes to enhance the looks and value) is less expensive than mid-range and high-end renovation ( involving architectural and custom changes). Therefore, make sure to carefully consider all changes you desire to make to your bathroom and calculate all these expenses to estimate the total cost. 

Here’s a detailed look at how different levels of renovation can impact the total cost: 

  • Demolition of existing structures such as shelves and carting away debris also add to the total renovation costs. It usually ranges from 1000 AED to 1500 AED in Dubai
  • Most people repaint or wrap bathroom surfaces which also adds to the total costs. 
  • Walls leveling and plastering is also a crucial step of the bathroom renovation process to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics but it can add 1000 AED to 2000 AED in total costs. 
  • Another factor that can influence the bathroom renovation cost is the tiles installation or flooring. It usually costs 1500-4000 AED depending on the types of tiles or floor you choose. 
  • If your bathroom renovation involves extensive plumbing work then make sure to add an extra 1000_2000 AED to the budget. 
  • High-end renovation usually involves sealing and extensive electrical work which results in a significant increase in the total costs, 1000-2000 AED.  

Required Materials 

When estimating the total renovation cost of a bathroom, make sure to consider the required materials. To renovate an average bathroom you require paint or vinyl wraps, cement and sand, tiles, fixtures, and plumbing materials. Carefully calculating all these expenses can help you set a realistic budget. 

The quality of materials you choose for bathroom renovation can also impact the total cost. High-quality materials are usually more expensive than average ones but they will ensure exceptional performance and inspiring aesthetics. 

Your Location

The location of your bathroom can also influence the total renovation cost. Usually renovating bathrooms in a tower is a bit more tricky and complicated because it involves various permits and policies in place by building management, resulting in adding to total costs. 

Similarly, bathroom renovation in upscale areas is more expensive than the standard areas. 

Additional Services 

Modern or luxury bathroom renovation services usually involve some additional services like waterproofing, cabinet installation, flooring, and UV ray protection to maximize functionality and aesthetics. It results in making the renovation process extremely expensive. Therefore, make sure to check the costs or additional charges before asking for such services.

Key Takeaway

Bathroom renovation cost in Dubai is influenced by various factors including your bathroom size, layout, location, and your preferences or requirements. Therefore, make sure to conduct a count of all factors when estimating the total cost to set a realistic budget to upgrade your bathroom style and functionality. 

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