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How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost in the UAE?

The use of cabinets for kitchen renovation purposes is a norm in the UAE where everyone desires to have a luxury kitchen equipped with advanced features and tools.  The reason is that adding cabinets to an existing kitchen can significantly enhance its looks and functionality at a fraction of the cost. 

Kitchen cabinets are of various types and no one can deny their importance as they not only enhance the functionality and storage space but also contribute to the overall aesthetic and value of your kitchen. However, considering the cost of kitchen cabinets depending on various factors is crucial to making an economic decision. 

Kitchen Cabinets Cost 

Different types of kitchen cabinets cost significantly different from each other depending on the type of material, cabinet size, features, and aesthetics. Your geographic location, cabinet manufacturer reputation, and ongoing market trends can also impact the total cost of a kitchen cabinet.  

Usually, luxury cabinets are more expensive than casual ones. An average kitchen cabinet set for a small kitchen costs AED 3000 to AED 8000.  Therefore, make sure to consider all crucial factors that can add to the total cost of a kitchen cabinet before making any decision. 

What Factors Can Impact a Kitchen Cabinet Cost 

We all are well aware of the fact that kitchen cabinets cost depends on various factors including manufacturers, brand reputation, type of material, and the size or type of cabinets. Thorough consideration of these all factors is crucial to estimating the total cost of kitchen cabinets and making an informed decision. 

You can explore the factors influencing the kitchen cabinets’ cost here: 

Cabinets Design and Style

Kitchen cabinets are of various types and styles that are designed to fit the specific needs or requirements of different types of kitchens. Therefore, the design and style of your selected kitchen cabinets can significantly influence the total cost of adding kitchen cabinets to your kitchen. 

From custom ( tailored to fit specific kitchen dimensions and design preferences) to semi-custom and stock cabinets (pre-manufactured and sold in standard sizes) you can easily find all types of cabinets according to your budget and kitchen needs. Usually, custom cabinets are more expensive than both the semi and stock cabinets.  

Type of Material

Another significant feature that can influence the cost of kitchen cabinets is the type of material they are made up of. Kitchen cabinets are usually made up of the following types of materials: 

  • Premier quality and highly durable kitchen cabinets are usually made up of solid wood such as Oak, Maple, and Cherry. These are known as one of the most expensive cabinets because of the premier quality material and craftsmanship costs. 
  • Another popular material used to make kitchen cabinets is plywood. It is considered the best alternative to solid wood because of its affordability and similar appearance to solid wood. 
  • Kitchen cabinet manufacturers also used MDF or medium-density fiberboard as an affordable alternative to solid wood. It can easily mimic the look of real wood and enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. 
  • The most affordable, easy to maintain, and aesthetically appealing option is laminated kitchen cabinets. They are available in an endless range of colors or patterns and are quite easy to clean. 

Brand Reputation

The company or brand you are choosing to buy kitchen cabinets can also influence the total cost. The reason is that different brands and companies charge different rates for the same type and style of cabinets because of various factors including manufacturing strategies, material quality, and geographical location.

Usually, renowned brands with higher market reputations charge more charges for a particular type of kitchen cabinets than a local brand or company. However, they provide you with Premier quality, durable, and aesthetically appealing kitchen cabinets, resulting in the elimination of frequent repairing costs and the stress of scheduled renovation or replacement issues. 

Cabinets Features

Cabinet features can also impact their price. For example, premier-quality cabinets equipped with advanced features, and aesthetically appealing Hardware like knobs or handles and locks are usually more expensive than low-quality or average kitchen cabinets. 

Kitchen cabinet manufacturers also offer customized features including special finishes, light detection sensors, automatic doors, and other accessories which result in adding to the total cost of cabinets. 

Additional Costs

Whether you want to add cabinets to your new kitchen or plan to replace the old cabinets make sure to consider the additional costs including the cabinet’s transportation charges, installation fee, and architectural changes costs to ensure accurate estimation of total costs. 

Key Takeaway 

To sum it up, various factors including material, manufacturers, aesthetics, and design can influence kitchen cabinets cost. Therefore, make sure to carefully consider all these factors, thoroughly navigate all available options, and prioritize your needs when buying kitchen cabinets, resulting in a more economical and right selection. 

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