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Can I Renovate A Bathroom Myself?

In the current era where everyone has an extremely busy schedule and hired bathroom renovation services to upgrade their home value and aesthetics, some people are still interested in doing this job manually. However, they are not aware of the right protocols and procedures to execute their plan and transform your old traditional bathroom into a luxurious corner where they and their loved ones can enjoy a comfortable bathing experience.  

Therefore, in this guide, we are going to unveil some handy tips that can help you renovate your bathroom manually and its positive or negative impacts.  

Plan Your Renovation

Planning and sticking to this plan is the key to executing any idea or dream into reality. Therefore, make sure to create a strategic plan that must include your goals, needs or requirements, budget, timelines, and everything involved in the renovation process. 

First of all, make clear how much you are willing to spend to upgrade your bathroom and then decide on timelines. It will be created in the design and material selection.  

When you have a well-drafted detailed renovation plan in your hand, you can complete each task more accurately and without reaching budget or time deadlines.  

Choose a Design or Theme 

The second most important step is deciding whether you want a luxurious bathroom or desire to bring a traditional touch that can align with your home layout and theme perfectly. It will help you in choosing a particular design or theme catered to your specific needs.  

You can search online or use social media platforms to get an idea about trendy as well as cost-effective bathroom designs or themes. Make sure to choose a flexible theme or design that can’t only suit the current trends but also align with ever-evolving modern needs or requirements.  

Gather Necessary Tools and Materials 

The next step is very important because it involves the collection of the most crucial components of the renovation process including materials, tools, and accessories. 

First of all make a list of necessary tools such as hammer, screwdriver, wrench, utility knife, and drill and materials including cement, tiles, adhesives, wraps, floors, paint, and fixtures.  It will help you in searching and buying everything you need to renovate your bathroom in advance and eliminate unnecessary stress or delays during the process. 

Always make sure to choose quality materials that are not only aesthetically appealing but also durable and compatible with your bathroom needs or requirements. 


It’s time to demolish areas that you need to replace. You can use a hammer to demolish shelves, and screw or wrench to remove fixtures.  

Always start the demolishing process by removing fixtures like the sink, shower, and bathtub because they can be damaged during the demolishing of the old floor or tiles. Make sure to temporarily seal or cover the electric and plumbing sockets or points to avoid any misadventure.  

Now break down the old tiles or floors if you want to replace them completely. 

Done With Plumbing and Electrical Work 

Once you have finished with the demolishing process, clean and declutter the bathroom thoroughly. Now complete the plumbing and electric work before starting any other process.  

The electric work involves the installation of a new light system that can create a feel of enhanced space and also upgrade the aesthetics, fixing electric wiring issues, and covering naked electric wires. Plumbing is all about ensuring accurate water supply to all taps or showers, fixing leakage, and establishing a smooth drainage system. 

If you are not experienced in doing electrical or plumbing work, it’s better to leave it to a professional mechanic because a single mistake or wrong connection can lead to fatal accidents.  

Install Fixtures, Walls, and Floor 

The most exciting part of a manual bathroom renovation process is installing fixtures, wall wraps, and floors.  

You can use both tiles or self-adhesive wraps for walls. Make sure to start tiling walls from the bottom and maintain the level for a perfect finish. Always follow manufacturer instructions to apply floors. 

After completing tiling and flooring, fix the fixtures including the sink, bathtub, shower, and any other accessories.

Add Finishing Touches 

The final step is inspection and adding finishing touches. Make sure to cover gaps especially around fixtures and along seams to prevent water damage. You can also apply a fresh coat of paint or an extra protection layer, it will prevent damages caused by daily exposure, humidity, and environmental factors.  

When the paint dries completely you can add finishing touches such as mirrors, towels, racks, and any other accessories you want in your bathroom to bring it a luxurious touch. 

Bottom Line 

We hope, after going through this guide you will be able to renovate your old bathroom manually to achieve the desired level of aesthetics and functionality.  However, hiring expert renovation services is a more cost-effective, time-saving, and hassle-free solution. 

You can rely on Lux Renov8, a renewed and trusted name in the world of luxurious renovation. We will deliver quality work catered to your needs at quite reasonable rates.

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