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Bathroom Renovation: Dos and Don’ts

Bathrooms are one of the most crucial places in your home where you start and end your day, relax, and rejuvenate, so getting it right is essential. Therefore, bathroom renovation is a rapidly growing trend to make this small room fully functional, aesthetically appealing, and a perfect relaxing hub equipped with all crucial fixtures, tools, and appliances. 

Bathroom renovation may seem exciting, but it is a difficult task because it involves various intricate challenges and specialist skills. It is an expensive investment and you need to do it perfectly to ensure the right use of your time and money. Therefore, understanding important dos and don’ts involved in bathroom renovation is important to avoid risk factors and achieve desired outcomes. 

Let’s take a look at the major dos and don’ts involved in bathroom renovation here: 


Create a Strategic Plan 

Before starting the renovation project make sure to create a strategic plan which must include all aspects involved in the renovation process. Make sure your bathroom renovation plan provides a detailed overview of your needs or preferences, bathroom design, layout, types of fixtures, material quality, and budget. 

Having all these details will save you both time and money and also eliminate unnecessary stress during the project. 

Realistic Budget Estimation 

After the creation of the renovation plan, the next step should be budget estimation. Make sure to consider all costs including tiles, sanitaryware, taps, tubs, the plumber, the tiler, and the electrician costs when estimating your budget for the bathroom renovation. 

Also, add a contingency budget for unexpected expenses and keep the overall budget flexible by 15%. It will help you avoid budget shortage issues and protect you from compromising on the material and work quality for low rates. 

Opt for Quality Fixtures 

Bathroom fixtures come in an endless range of designs and materials including stainless steel, concrete, and PVC catered to specific requirements of different homeowners. Choosing quality fixtures that can withstand daily activity stress, exposure to moisture, and other crucial factors is also an important job to do before starting the bathroom renovation project. 

High-quality fixtures may seem more expensive than casual ones, but they are highly durable, offer excellent functionality, and bring a luxurious touch to your bathroom. 

Prefer Ample Storage Solutions

Maximizing space or reducing clutter should be your main priority during bathroom renovation which is not possible without implementing ample storage solutions. From built-in-shelves to cabinets, and vanity units, a lot of choices are available that can help you make the most of the available space. 

These storage units will help you keep all your stuff in a well-organized manner effortlessly and safely. It results in enhancing your bathroom place as well as making it clutter-free. 

Prioritize Ventilation

Bathrooms are places where almost all things are directly exposed to water daily. Therefore, make sure to maintain proper ventilation because overlooking this crucial aspect can lead to mold and mildew growth. It will not only impact the aesthetics of your bathroom but also cause bad smells and make the bathroom surface slippery. 

You can simply install an exhaust system such as a fan or a motor to ensure proper air circulation which is crucial to eliminate moisture buildup. 

Consider Universal Design

With a myriad of options available, the selection of a unique bathroom style or design can be overwhelming. Moreover, bathroom designs always keep changing with evolving trends and needs which also makes the selection process a tricky game. 

However, choosing a universal design that can ensure both functionality and aesthetics is the most appropriate solution to tackle this challenge and eliminate frequent renovation costs. 


Ignoring Waterproofing 

The most common but destructive mistake to avoid during a bathroom renovation project is overlooking waterproofing. The reason is that frequent exposure to water can cause early wear or tear of fixtures, reduce their functionality, and also result in growing mold around fixings and even on the bathroom floor.

Overlooking Functionality 

The second most common mistake that most people make during bathroom renovation projects is overlooking functionality and making impulse decisions depending on the latest trends or personal preferences. It often results in choosing the wrong fixtures and other equipment that are not compatible with your bathroom design and available space. 

Neglecting Future Maintenance

Neglecting future maintenance costs is not just a mistake but a blunder that can lead to heavy costs in terms of frequent repair, addressing mold growth issues, and maintaining the aesthetics of your bathroom. 

Key Takeaway 

To sum it up, bathroom renovation is a challenging task but with the right strategies in place, avoiding common mistakes, and hiring reliable bathroom remodeling services you can transform this complex process into a streamlined task. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s contact Lux Renov8, your trusted renovation partners, and transform your messy bathroom into a well-organized, highly functional, and luxurious relaxing place.

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