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9 Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Thought of bathroom renovation is often exciting as it makes your bathroom more functional and adds to the value of your home. On average, a bathroom renovation can add around 5% or even more to the value of your property. However, this excitement will fade when considering the potential bathroom renovation cost.

You may alter your plan to renovate the bathroom after considering the price of the whole process. You don’t need to; we are here to help you. Today, we will give you some tips on how to renovate your bathroom on a budget.

9 Practical Ideas for Inexpensive Bathroom Remodel

1. Plan the Renovation

The first thing you need to do is plan, as it will be your best friend throughout the process. Take your time when planning things; it will also play a crucial role in deciding the budget. From start to finish, you must clearly know how you will carry out the whole process.

2. Set a Budget and Stick to It

Once you plan the renovation, the next step is to set a budget. By doing so, you can avoid random expenses that make renovation expensive. Set a realistic budget according to your choices, and then stick to it. Don’t set a budget that is too low,; you will have to raise it later or stop the project midway through.

3. Repurpose and Recycle

One of the most effective things you can do for a cost-conscious bathroom renovation is repurposing and recycling. With a bit of creativity, you can have endless repurposing or recycling possibilities. For example, you can use the old furniture to make bathroom cabins. Similarly, you can use different hardware items to give a new look to the vanity.

4. Prefer Refreshing Over Replacing

Replacing old fixtures with new ones can cost a lot, making renovation expensive. Therefore, you should prefer refreshing them. Different fixtures will appear new and stylish just after cleaning or painting. For instance, you can paint cabinets to elevate the bathroom’s overall appearance without spending much. Similarly, you can resurface the bathtub to make it look new. 

5. Spend Smartly on Essentials

Some things are essential in your bathroom and require special attention when renovating them. It would be best if you spent smartly on these essentials to get the desired results without denting your pocket. These essentials are:

5.1. Fixtures and Hardware

Different fixtures and hardware  need to be replaced or refreshed. You can buy them at affordable rates at discount stores.

5.2. Walls

Instead of replacing wall tiles, you can consider new paint to transform a bathroom. Bathroom wrapping is also an affordable, aesthetic, versatile, and long-lasting for transforming walls. 

5.3. Flooring

You can opt for cost-effective and durable flooring options to save a considerable amount. For instance, vinyl and luxury vinyl flooring for bathrooms. These flooring types can mimic different materials and are water resistant.

6. Maintain the Original Layout

Changing plumbing and electric fixtures can cost a considerable amount. If the system is functional, you can save money by maintaining it instead of replacing it. To keep the whole process cost-effective, consider upgrading the bathroom without changing its original layout.

7. Shop Smart

Though you can repurpose and recycle various items for bathroom renovation, you still need to buy new gear. Shop smart to purchase these items at affordable rates. The essential tips you can follow in this regard are:

  • Explore different stores and try to get quality products at relatively low rates.
  • Visit resale or discount stores to find items under your budget.
  • Consider online shopping to get some fantastic discounts and promotional offers.

8. Embrace DIY Approaches

Doing it yourself can help you save some money you would otherwise spend on hiring professionals. DIY painting and refreshing the fixtures is a good choice. You can also replace defective taps and other fixtures without calling experts.

9. Discover Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Services

Though DIY is cost-effective, you need experts to get the desired outcomes. When hiring professionals, you cannot make random choices. You should explore multiple options and get quotes from at least 5 to 6 contractors to determine who offers more affordable services. Similarly, you should ask for discount offers from the contractors as well. Ignore the budget only; consider the quality of work as well.

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Final Thoughts

Renovating your bathroom without breaking the bank can be challenging, but now you have some practical tips in your hand. Considering the aforementioned things is all you need to do for a cost-conscious bathroom renovation.

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