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How Much Does It Cost to Refurbish a Villa in Dubai?

Dubai, the land of mesmerizing skyscrapers and immense natural beauty, is also known for its luxurious villas and premier lifestyle. From Royal families to common people, everyone prefers to live in a stylish, well-furnished, and luxurious living space. With this growing desire for luxurious villas, villa renovation or refurbishment has become increasingly popular in Dubai.  

Many villa owners choose renovations as a cost-effective solution to enhance the value, space, and aesthetics of their living spaces without breaking the bank.  It is an exciting task but estimating the total villa refurbishing cost is crucial to complete this project without facing financial crises. 

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in a villa renovation project to help you estimate the total cost and make an informed decision. 

The Villa Size 

The villa renovation costs mainly depend on the size and layout of your living space. Usually, a large villa with a complex layout requires more labor, materials, and finishes to enhance its space and aesthetic value than a small villa. It results in increasing renovation costs and more time consumption.  

Make sure to carefully take measurements of your villa before estimating total renovation costs, it will protect you from financial or budget shortage issues during the renovation project. 

Site Location

The location of your villa is the second most important factor that can impact the total refurbishing cost of a villa. The reason is that materials and labor costs significantly vary from location to location in Dubai. These costs are usually high in prime locations and massively populated areas where renovators need special equipment and permits to perform renovation tasks.  

Renovation Extent

Another significant factor that plays an important role in the total cost of a villa renovation project is the extent of renovation required to achieve the desired level of aesthetics and space functionality.  If you want just to change the paint color, wrap walls or cabinets, and add new floors you can do it with a small budget but if the renovation process involves reconstruction or rebuilding a new portion or part of the home, it will require a heavy investment.  

Materials Quality 

The materials quality also impacts the overall cost of villa renovation. Premier quality and durable materials are more expensive than average quality materials but they are resistant to harsh weather and remain in their original appearance and functional state for a long duration. 

You can choose a reliable platform that can offer special discounts on bulk purchases and cheap rates without compromising the material quality to get premier materials at reasonable rates. 


Timelines for a particular renovation project can also impact its cost. Usually, strict timelines require more budget because it involves more labors to complete the task timely. However, flexible timelines not only reduce total renovation costs but also ensure work quality. 

Therefore, make sure to plan a villa renovation after carefully considering your schedule and other factors that can impact the timelines. 

Type of Renovation Services 

The most important factor that can impact the cost of a villa renovation project is the professional renovation services you choose to transform your dream of having a luxurious and stylish villa into reality. Reliable renovation services like Lux Renov8 may seem expensive to beginners but they will ensure exact execution of your plan within designated timelines and budget. 

Labor Costs 

Another factor that you should consider when budgeting for the necessary expenses of a villa renovation project is labor costs. The higher the number of laborers required to complete a renovation task in the assigned time frame, the more will be the renovation cost. 

Permit and Fees 

Dubai is a land of strict rules and regulations where villa owners need permits to make any architectural changes in their homes or workplaces. To get these permits, municipal approval, and inspection you have to pay necessary fees that can impact the total cost of the villa refurbishing project. 

Contingency Budget  

The last factor that most villa owners overlook when budgeting for expenses involved in villa refurbishment is the contingency budget.  Setting aside a 10% contingency budget to cover unforeseen expenses, change of mind, and evolving project scope may add to the total Villa refurbishing cost but it will protect you from unnecessary stress during the project.  

Bottom Line 

Villa renovation is a significant investment to create more living space and enhance the aesthetics of your home. Therefore, budgeting for the above-mentioned expenses and careful planning are paramount to transforming your old traditional villa into a comfortable, luxurious, and modern living space that you can enjoy for years to come. 

For professional renovation services, you can consult with best renovation company in Dubai. With qualified staff and more than 10 years’ experience in renovating villas, domestic, and commercial places, they will deliver premiere quality work at competent rates.

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